The source of knowledge



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  • Real Crime Scene Investigations, by Connie Fletcher (2006)
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with an Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction, 3rd Edition, by Tom Bevel and Ross M. Gardner (2008)
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  • Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, 13th Edition, by Richard Saferstein and Tiffany Roy (2020)
  • Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction - An Illustrated Manual and Field Guide, by Paul T. Jayaprakash (2022)

Μελέτες - Εγχειρίδια - Οδηγίες

  • Evidence Handling Manual, by Montana State Crime Lab
  • Shoe and Tire Impressions in Snow - Photography and Casting, by Lesley Hammer and James Wolfe (2003)
  • Contextual information renders experts vulnerable to making erroneous identifications, by Itiel E. Dror, David Charlton and Ailsa E. Peron (2005)
  • The Biological Evidence Preservation Handbook - Best Practices for Evidence Handlers, by many authors NIST and NIJ (2013)
  • The Forensic Confirmation Bias - Problems, perspectives and proposed solutions, by Saul M. Kassin, Itiel E. Dror and Jeff Kukucka (2013)
  • ACE-V Examination Method Training Manual, by Shauna Brittani Brewer (2014)
  • Effects of Fire on Fingerprint Evidence, by Mark A. Spawn (2015)
  • Digital Camera - Quick Reference Guide, by Erica Di Palma and Yvette Gonzalez (2016)
  • DNA and fingerprint recovery from an arson scene, by Andrew O'Hagan and Rebecca Calder (2020)
  • Standard Guide for Collection of Soils and Other Geological Evidence for Criminal Forensic Applications, by  Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science - OSAC (2020)